Rendez-vous autour du brasero — Rosalie Piras

by Rosalie Piras

A mobile brazier made of terracotta. This sociability object moves with the help of 2 or 4 people and is occasionally installed in public spaces. It allows us to consider the city as a space to practice outside of the private setting. It invites residents to gather around the fire, reminiscent of bonfires or even vigils on the beach, everyone being invited to make it their own as they wish: cooking, drink, eat or even dance. 


Rosalie Piras is a French social designer and visual artist, Rosalie Piras questions alternative ways of living in the city on a daily basis. How can we give people the opportunity to share collective experiences? She creates common spaces, ephemeral modules, pretexts for meeting and hospitality always linked with the territory and its inhabitants. These frugal interventions show users the possibility of appropriating their environments to try to achieve emancipatory well-being that is both collective and individual.  

So... is this getting serious?

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