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A place in which to sleep, work, and create, situated in the midst of BASE’s events and creative community.

casaBASE gives a whole new meaning to the concept of hospitality, a place that makes you feel at home while immersed in a pioneering cultural project for creative explorers.

casaBASE is a residence which blends different forms of accommodation, from shared rooms with bunk beds to double rooms complete with en-suite facilities just like a true boutique hotel. All this, immersed in the creative, laid-back atmosphere at BASE, located in the vibrant and bustling Tortona area.

Prepare for the unexpected. casaBASE accommodates talents from a whole host of backgrounds who are involved in cultural and artistic projects here at BASE. The space is often used as a film set, and as a location for photo shoots, performances and concerts.

The interiors at casaBASE were designed by Stella Orsini of h+, one of BASE’s founding partners. casaBASE is simple and comfortable yet refined, a unique space created by mixing colours, materials, styles and periods. A kind of film set in which laid-back designs from Mezzo Atelier live alongside vintage pieces and prototypes designed and produced by Leftover in the BASE carpentry workshop.

Rates at casaBASE range from 35 to 125 euros depending on accommodation type.
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We look forward to welcoming you.

CHECK IN: from 2 PM to 6 PM - the room is available from 2 PM

If you expect to arrive outside the standard checkin time we'll send you an email with all the information needed

residence artists

with us now

Jul 2022

rtistз in residenza | EXTRAGARBO

Dal 1 al 13 luglio BASE ospita la residenza artistica di EXTRAGARBO. La ricerca di EXTRAGARBO scaturisce da un’indagine urbana sul quartiere mi...more

Jul 2022

rtistз in residenza | Maddalena Fragnito e Valeria Graziano

Dal 1 al 9 luglio BASE ospita residenza artistica di Maddalena Fragnito e Valeria Graziano, all’interno del progetto more

been here

May 2022

rtistз in residenza | Matrice Lavoro

I DO NOT HAVE A DREAM JOB, I DON’T DREAM OF LABOUR “Non ho un lavoro da sogno, non sogno il lavoro” Maddalena Fragnito e Francesca Marconi sono lз ...more

May 2022

rtistз in residenza | Milano Mediterranea

Dal 2 al 31 maggio BASE ospita l' artista Marvin Gabriele Nwachukwu, per la seconda residenza dell’Open Call...more

Apr 2022 - May 2022

rtistз in residenza | Più ~ Erbacce

Dal 25 aprile al 4 maggio BASE ospita lз nove artistз vincitorз della call Più/erbacce. Immaginato come spazio dell’errore, e per questo motivo rinominato Più ~ Erbacce, il progetto mette...more

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