TALAMO Talk: The Convivial Laboratory W/ Lemonot


A unique field of potential transformations.

On the occasion of Milan Art Week 2024, Lemonot presents his work TALAMO, the installation in Ground Hall from 12 April.

TALAMO is an installative performance in a constant state of becoming, conceived by Lemonot Studio and activated by several external incursions of the surrounding ecosystem.

Animate and inanimate elements constitute the work’s habitable yet otherworldly surfaces, mutually mobilizing its ever-evolving landscape. Human bodies seemingly carved out from the chunky body of the installation intertwine amongst themselves and thread their way within, through and around the structure.


Sabrina Morreale and Lorenzo Perri are architects, educators and founding partners of Lemonot – a duo for spatial and relational practices, architecture and performative arts. They graduated together at the Architectural Association and they’re now based between London and Italy.
Their projects re-invent the relationship between urban fabric, public space and human rituals through a wide range of media: pavilions, exhibitions, short films and designed performances. They relentlessly seek new opportunities for togetherness and inclusivity, with a contextual yet transterritorial approach that aims to detect, celebrate and trigger the spontaneous theatre of everyday life.


In collaboration with Xavier Madden & Katja Banović.

TALAMO is a project supported by Culture Moves Europe, funded by European Union, implemented by Goethe Institut.

In partnership with Noctis spa, italian company with great artisan tradition, specializing in bedding.

So... is this getting serious?

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