Dario Moroldo + Eva Geatti LA VAGA GRAZIA — album presentation


We look for an answer to a question that we are unable to come up with

This album and this live represent the auditory emisphere of the show La Vaga Grazia. The musical work of Dario Moroldo expands, accompanies and amplifies the theatrical object that Eva Geatti has generated starting from the first chapter of the novel Il Monte Analogo by René Daumal: a concert made of synthesizer inspired by the electronic music of the 50s, which passes through the sparkles of library music and the cosmic seriality of Kraut rock, rhythmic mechanical scores alternate with unexpected digital sequences and follow one another in a flow that guides us in an imaginary excursion.

In 2020 a research started  together with 5 performers around the auto-generation of movement through patterns of relationships between bodies and psycho-geographies, long-term improvides elements inside impalpable mental landscapes.

This created a sound flow that began to inhabit the space and to modify it, the music has become a sixth performer that moves and creates movement, an unprecedented possibility of visions. After two years of these musical experimentation, they reached a form of autonomy in the show, becoming an album and a live set that sprouts as an interdiscipline between the original project and a new comprehension of the performative element. In this way the attempt pursued with La Vaga Grazia continues to try and look for an answer to a question that we are unable to come up with.  



Eva Geatti studied art. She is an author, she does performances, constructions and she designs. In 2003 with the artist Nicola Toffolini she founds a theatrical research company, Cosmesi. She has worked for researching companies such as Masque Teatro, Motus, Ateliersi, Teatrino Clandestino, she teaches at Accademia di Belle Arti in Bologna, she is a playwrighter selected for the project Fabulamundi, she is associated artist of Spazio Kor (Asti). In 2022 she made her debut with her first direction of La Vaga Grazia. 

Dario Moroldo graduates in painting at Accademia di Belle Arti of Bologna; he is composer, musician and music producer. He found the Amari, a band that from 1996 became a reference point in the italian indie-music panorama of the 00s, and he places side by side his interest for visual arts with music. He composes soundtracks for movies and documentaries, such as: The Special Need by Carlo Zoratti, The Good Life by Nicolò Ammaniti, Mexico! Un cinema alla riscossa by Michele Rho, Appena un minuto by Francesco Mandelli, Pozzis, Samarcanda by Stefano Giacomuzzi.


Live music Dario Moroldo with some performer of La Vaga Grazia  

Care e promotion Irene Rossini  

Graphic Alessandro Micheli  

Production Cosmesi in collaboration with Vinilificio and Motus Vague  

Thanks to Adriana Bardi, Andrea Beghetto, Carolina Bisioli, Roberto Leandro Pau, Patrick Platolino 

  • Durata 30'
  • Doors opening at 15' before the show starts
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