The Convivial Laboratory CASE #3: LOCAL. Construction workshop W/ Francesca Gotti: urban device for Abitare in Via Padova


How to build new foundations for planetary and local coexistence based on conviviality, mutual care and solidarity?

The third chapter of CASE, We Will Design 2024’s Public Program, will materialize in the form of a construction workshop led by architect and researcher Francesca Gotti, an expert in spatial self-handling and shared management practices.

CASE is the title of the Public Program curated by Erica Petrillo. It focuses on the issues of coexistence and cohabitation that will be activated at BASE Milano from January to March 2024.


Francesca Gotti is an architect and researcher, engaging with practices of spatial self-production and shared-management, and reflecting through simulations and performative choral actions. Since 2015, she has been coordinating initiatives of collective reuse of urban commons in the city of Bergamo, while collaborating in related projects in other Italian regions. Between 2019 and 2022, she has been research fellow at Politecnico di Milano for the European project En/counter/points, on the reactivation of neglected urban spaces; as part of this, she has been co-author of the book The Design of Tactics (DPR Barcelona, 2022). She is currently a PhD candidate at Politecnico di Milano, investigating the role of architecture and architects in projects of autonomy and empowerment, within contexts affected by social urban inequalities in South Europe. Since 2021, she is a teacher assistant in the studio Neotopia lead by Léopold Banchini, at the USI Academy in Mendrisio.

So... is this getting serious?

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