“Art, design and architecture: reflection and extension of society” Erica Petrillo, Curator-in-residence at BASE Milano

Erica Petrillo participates in the fourth edition of We Will Design 2024, In-Difference, as Curator-in-residence. “The lens through which I look at the fields of art and culture steers away from mere aesthetic considerations. Reflecting my background, I am interested in art, design, architecture as reflections and continuations of sociopolitical phenomena, contexts and communities; but also as tools for research, […]

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close call
“We have lost the pleasure of being together. Thirty years of precariousness and competition have destroyed social solidarity. Media virtualization has destroyed the empathy among bodies, the pleasure of touching each other, and the pleasure of living in urban spaces. We have lost the pleasure of love, because too much time is devoted to work and virtual exchange”. Francesco Bifo Berardi and Geert Lovink. 2011. “A Call to the Army […]


BASE presents We Will Design: a look at how we share and inhabit our planet, taking an anthropological approach to design.

Setting off from the present to build a new future through design: this is the central theme of Design Week 2021 at BASE Milano (5 – 12 September 2021), involving designers from all over the world, as well as universities, emerging brands and businesses, and international institutions. The driving force behind the projects on display was experimentation and the willingness to explore new terrain in the search for innovative solutions that address the phase of worldwide re-examination we inevitably find ourselves in, venturing into a range of areas on various scales – from the microworld of a bedroom-studio to the collective sphere of the neighbourhood – embracing an anthropological concept of design with the power to conceive new visions of cohabitation and joint construction, underpinned by the principles of sustainability.


Analogique, BEpart , Caterina Castiglioni, Cesura, Yuning Chan, Anna-Sophie Dienemann, Festival DiverCity, Julien Gorrias, Matteo Guarnaccia, Martí Guixé, IAAD, Dowon JungKim, Libera Università di Bolzano, Ludosofici, Miocugino – Alberto Costa, Dragos Motica per ASKIA, Music Innovation Hub, NID Perugia, Parasite 2.0 – Antropofago Productions, Politecnico di Milano, Spazio META, Stardust Architects, Studio Prapra, studio.traccia, Page Tsou – NOI Libreria, Vicente Varella.


The future seen from the future: with We Will Design, BASE gathers educational institutions, designers and multidisciplinary collectives to redesign relations and co-living of the future. Sustainability, waste-free reuse of materials, co-design processes, new approaches to learning: the first floor of BASE turns into an exhibition platform, a place that welcomes research and experimentation, through a project that goes beyond the Design Week and disciplines that transcend design.


5 rooms to open 5 scenarios from the future. With the Temporary Home project, casaBASE, the BASE guest house, thanks to a collaboration with IKEA Italia, turns into a sui generis residence where the space becomes a home, a place for experimentation and an exhibition space open to the public for 5 Italian and international designers.


PØGO Productions, the event production company of Music Innovation Hub, presents a music show that animates the evenings of ‘We Will Design’, from Saturday 4th September to Saturday 11th September. The courtyard of BASE will host 19 artists from the Milanese underground world who will present dj-sets, live sets and performances every night from 8pm to midnight.

Starting from electronic music, the evenings range from a selection of vinyl records to experimental music, with sounds from the groove of the 70s up to today.



From the collaboration between BASE and POLI.design comes the Public Program ‘Progettare la prossimità’ (Designing the proximity’)’, a regular appointment of the Fuorisalone for five evenings, held both in presence at BASE in the shadow of GAIA, Luke Jerram’s art installation dedicated to the planet Earth, and on streaming. Every day two debates will feature experts in the field, in conversation with teachers from the Department and School of Design of the Politecnico di Milano, explore different perspectives on a range of issues related to the concept of the city of closeness, from services for the neighbourhood to public space in transformation, to platforms and local economies.


ACNE – the Deloitte family’s creative collective – collaborates with BASE for the Italian edition of ReStart: a project set up to help small businesses get back on their feet in the wake of the pandemic, through the creative approach of ACNE and the talent of artists selected and coordinated by BASE.

Parasite 2.0, CESURA and Music Innovation Hub tell the stories of the Tortona district through their different artistic approach.