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The weekly Chiacchierata Femminista events: a series of meetings to discuss and reflect on gender issues, on Thursdays in the musicROOMS of BASE Milano. Gender stereotypes, inclusive language, motherhood, gender pay gap, female empowerment and gender violence are just some of the topics that will be addressed in the Chiacchierata Femminista talks: we will explore these major issues in a lively lounge between activists and intellectuals dedicated to young people , and we'll discuss what it means to be a woman today.  


October 19th  H18:30

Not all men. Ripensiamo il maschile

How many times following cases of harassment, catcalling, or even feminicides, have you heard (or said) “Yes, but let's not generalize. Not all men do this, not all men are violent." In this meeting we will try to understand the implications behind this seemingly innocuous phrase. Because if deconstructing models of rigid masculinity, shaping new ones, is possible, exercising collective responsibility is necessary.
Novembre 30th H18:30

Violenza contro le donne: lasciamo parlare i numeri Violence against women: let the numbers speak for themselves

Too often in newspapers, on television, on social media, news stories, cases of violence and feminicides full of almost morbid details, which contribute nothing to the story, pass before our eyes. The story we tell of violence profoundly influences our perception of the phenomenon. Because of this it is important to start from the data.    
People want to hear the stories no one talks about
PRAISE TO FAILURE Resourcefulness and mistakes, precise plans and bumpy paths, small and large hitches. When failure becomes an opportunity for new discoveries: Fuckup Nights Milan arrives. The exact opposite of TED events which are about ideas worth spreading, FUNs turn the concept upside down: mistakes worth telling. The "anti-fuckup" formula is always the same: three exceptional storytellers will tell their experiences, focusing on their work failures rather than on successes and goals achieved, revealing what they have learned from the low blows that life has dealt them.  
L'1 dicembre Marta Tenaglia presenta dal vivo a BASE Milano il suo secondo album After Verecondia in uscita venerdì 24 novembre per Costello’s Records. in una serata evento che vedrà sul palco con lei divers ospiti speciali, l'apertura affidata alla giovane cantautrice laziale Flora e, prima e dopo il concerto, i dj set di Giorgio Valletta (C2C, Rumore, Radio Raheem) e dei P L Z. Anticipato dai singoli Poetica/Manifesto, Peccato, Redemption/Incendio e Allodole, After Verecondia è la voce della rinascita della cantautrice milanese. A raccontarsi attraverso parole e musica è infatti una nuova Marta, sempre fedele a se stessa ma più libera. Un’artista che si è guardata a fondo senza concedersi scorciatoie, strappando via gli strati superflui e manifestando la sua anima in dieci brani di graffiante, indomita, coraggiosa purezza.  


H19 Giorgio Valletta + P L Z dj—set H21 Flora opening H21:30 Marta Tenaglia LIVE H23:30 Giorgio Valletta + P L Z dj—set
A tutt l amanti dell'elettronica: Peter Kruder e Richard Dorfmeister stanno tornando! La notte del 2 dicembre il celebre duo austriaco arriva a BASE Milano. Dai remix trip hop/downtempo di brani pop, hip hop e drum’n’bass e le “K&D Sessions” fino a un trentesimo compleanno esplosivo.
A Natale tutti insieme is the eighth issue of COSE Spiegate bene, the paper magazine of Post made in collaboration with Iperborea. However we call it is the time of year that absorbs more thoughts, affections, torments, and space on the shelves of supermarkets and bookstores: and offers us (or imposes us) opportunities to be together with loved or tolerated relatives and friends. This issue gets us prepared, with topics to talk about - or with a gift to give. with Luca Sofri, Arianna Cavallo e Giacomo Papi
Il 9 dicembre Splendido Splendente torna a BASE Milano per farvi ballare, cantare e innamorare con la più bella musica italiana di tutti i tempi. Grandi classici, tormentoni e perle rare per infuocare la pista da ballo più colorata di Milano.
Baustelle are the second guests of Ho sbagliato tante volte, the project that tells stories of mistakes and changes of artists of the contemporary music scene. On December 14th at 9pm, within the framework of Milan Music Week, Montserrat Fernandez Blanco - co-founder of the now famous FuckUp Nights - meets Baustelle at Volvo Studio Milan.
The Art Chapter is the fair dedicated to experimentation and editorial research linked to contemporary art, born in 2017 from the synergy between BASE Milano and Studio Boîte. The exhibitors are editors, artists, creatives and propose visual and narrative projects aimed at investigating the formats and possibilities of editorial practice. The 2024 edition will host a focus on the connections between experimental publishing and the music industry, with the aim of exploring the possible synergies and hybridisations between contemporary languages.  
Do you want to exhibit at the sixth edition of The Art Chapter? Answer the call here »

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