Silvia Calderoni, Ilenia Caleo The present is not enough


A collective work that writes a utopia of bodies, a heart wrenching desire of community, of a glimmery of possible futures. Futures that are still here, but we can only glimpse through a crack.

A nameless state of excitement that charges the environment, / a longing, / that sinks into the dark, tumultuous night, an intimacy between strangers, / and rotten teeth, Wojnarowicz who wants to commit suicide, the heroin hole / and more allx in the trembling in the sun, / then the unexpected, something sudden / the glimmer of the water, of the river, which makes us glimpse, just for a moment / and there is also the possibility of fear, / closing your eyes, become solx / and then find yourself in the whole filled with the mass of bodies / that exhausting joy. Memory disturbances, memory can only be disturbed – interferences, holes. Solitude, but perhaps in the plural: solitudes – a lot of empty space around a body. An aesthetic of collapse, the outdoors without rules. The cruising. 

We write about a utopia of bodies of which we have no experience – to which (we) have no access. Of a yearning desire to be moltx, of a glimmer of possible futures. 

David Wojnarowicz in one of his works sews together two pieces of stale bread with a red thread. To redo the whole, impossible – the whole is missing. To stop life, postpone death. 


References: David Wojnarowicz, José Esteban Muñoz, Samuel R. Delany, Olivia Laing, Peter Hujar, Jonathan Weinberg, Jack Halberstam, Douglas Crimp, Shelley Seccombe, Alvin Balltrop, Leonard Fink, Zoe Leonard, Tava and many others. 


Calderoni-Caleo met in 2012 at the Teatro Valle Occupato in an Animale politica project by Motus and began a common project between artistic residencies, research ateliers and performances. Since 2018 they have been teaching at the IUAV in Venice. In 2019, they give life to KISS, a show with 23 performers. For the Queering Platform in Hong Kong they curate the nomadic project SO IT IS. In 2022 they created the installation Pick Pocket Paradise for the Castello di Rivoli (To). I am advisor to the Italian Pavilion – Architecture Biennale 2023. 

Silvia Calderoni is an actress, performer and author. You trained artistically with the Teatro della Valdoca and since 2006 you have been part of the Motus company. At the cinema she is the protagonist of The legend of Kaspar Hauser (2012) by Davide Manuli and Moonbird (2022) by Rä Di Martino. Since 2023 she has been the artistic consultant of Sherocco Festival (Ostuni). 

Ilenia Caleo is a performer, activist and researcher. She is a philosopher by training, she deals with corporality, feminist epistemologies and forms of cultural work. You work as a dramaturg and have published Performance, matter, affections. A feminist cartography (2021). She is an activist in the commons and queer-feminist movements, she grew up politically and artistically in the community center scene. 


a project by: Silvia Calderoni / Ilenia Caleo

with: Giacomo AG, Tony Allotta, Silvia Calderoni, Ilenia Caleo, Gabriele Lepera, Fede Morini, Ondina Quadri

sound: Gabor + SC

care and production: Elisa Bartolucci

dramaturgical consultancy: Antonia Ferrante, and many practicing friends
co-productions: Palaexpo Special Company – Slaughterhouse | Prender-si Cura project, Kampnagel (Hamburg), Kunstencentrum Vooruit vzw (Ghent), Motus Vague

with the support of the choreographic residency project Lavanderia a Vapore (Turin)

thanks to: Leonardo Cruciano, Michele Di Stefano, Paola Granato, Simona Gallo

  • Durata 60'
  • Doors opening at 15' prima dell'inizio dell'evento
  • → The show is recommended to an audience over 18 y.o. There are nudity scenes and references to cruising practices.
    → It’s not an interactive work: the public is disposed on three sides, very close to the performers, but without any contact.
    → Pictures and videos are forbidden.

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