Talamo + arisandmartha Talamo — In a restless state


A unique field of potential transformations

TALAMO is an installation performance in a constant state of becoming, conceived by Lemonot Studio and activated performatively by arisandmartha in four distinct moments during its showcase. Animate and inanimate elements constitute the work’s habitable yet otherworldly surfaces, mutually mobilizing its ever-evolving landscape. Human bodies seemingly carved out from the chunky body of the installation intertwine amongst themselves and thread their way within, through and around the structure.

TALAMO is a generator of sharp shapes, extruded volumes, bold gestures and uncanny imagery which constitute a unique field of potential transformations. The audience experiences the installation performance in ‘frozen’ instances in its fluid motion; four spatial configurations, one for each of its four performative activations.

TALAMO is an entity in itself, a vessel with a clear external membrane, yet its boundaries are porous and permeable, allowing for its insides to be exposed, its mechanism and functions to be revealed. Through peculiar light & sound-scapes the proposed mundane rituals become, within the geometries of TALAMO,  surreal yet recognizable and familiar.


arisandmartha is the creative collaboration between dancers, performers and dance makers Aris Papadopoulos and Martha Pasakopoulou. Based in Athens, Greece they work at the crossroads of staged and site-specific dance performances, exploring and expanding the choreographic possibilities by implementing dance and performing languages, text and conceptual ideas. The duo investigates the notions of togetherness and performing friendship on stage, re-enactment and ready-made materials, contemporary ritualistic practices and strategies of activating and performing archives. 

While following individual artistic paths arisandmartha began working together in 2016 bringing their interests and aesthetics into a common discussion, particularly investing in composition, rhythm, absurd imagery, awkwardness and fragmentation in order to make works which activate the archive of research material and open up a field of potentiality which unfolds and is being performed live on stage. Flexible and open to the double identity of performer – maker their work explores the ever occurring challenge of discovering new creative grounds with each performative encounter. 



Sabrina Morreale and Lorenzo Perri are architects, educators and founding partners of Lemonot – a duo for spatial and relational practices, architecture and performative arts. They graduated together at the Architectural Association and they’re now based between London and Italy. Their projects re-invent the relationship between urban fabric, public space and human rituals through a wide range of media: pavilions, exhibitions, short films and designed performances. They relentlessly seek new opportunities for togetherness and inclusivity, with a contextual yet transterritorial approach that aims to detect, celebrate and trigger the spontaneous theatre of everyday life.

Sabrina and Lorenzo explore how architects can contribute to a peculiar reinterpretation of the city, defining novel languages and 1:1 experiences, through short and long-term occupational strategies. Dealing with multiple stakeholders at the same time, they often intervene as both facilitators and designers – constructing supporting spatial structures to empower alternative narratives and unexpected interactions – initiating unconventional acts of place-making.


In collaboration with Xavier Madden & Katja Banović 

TALAMO is a project supported by Culture Moves Europe funded by the European Union, implemented by the Goethe Institut.

In partnership with Noctis S.p.A.

  • Durata 30' ca

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