STEP UP – Walkability for Women in Milan


How do you feel walking alone at night in Milan?

The project STEP UP — Walkability for Women in Milan, funded by Fondazione Cariplo, focuses on the walkability of our cities from a gender perspective. Walkability (walkability) refers to how well the urban environment is suitable for walking in terms of availability of proximity services, connectivity of roads, comfort of public spaces and road safety. It has been found that women and gender minorities live in the city differently from men, particularly because they are more concerned about their safety.

Through the analysis of quantitative and qualitative data, STEP UP evaluates the level of night walking perceived by women in the city of Milan, identifying problem areas or neighborhoods, and defining a series of guidelines for the improvement of these areas. The event will tell the methodology and the results achieved by the project, but it will also be an opportunity to broaden the look at the international scale, and focus on the theme of perception of (in)safety, to understand what actions can be developed if you plan the city with a gender perspective.


by Rawad Choubassi (Transform Transport)

Institutional greetings
Elena Lattuada (Delegate of the Mayor to the equal rights, Municipality of Milan)

The perception of fear in public space
Interview with Nogaye Ndiaye (@leregoledeldirittoperfetto)

Keynote Speech: Walkability and inclusive mobility
Jim Walker (Walk21)

STEP UP project
Presents: Andrea Gorrini (Transform Transport)

Panel: STEP UP Methodology and results
Lily Scarponi, Federico Messa (Transform Transport)
Gerardo Carpentieri, Floriana Zucaro (TeMA Lab – Università
degli Studi di Napoli Federico II)
Florencia Andreola, Azzurra Muzzonigro (Sex & the City)
Eleonora Gargiulo (Walk21)
moderator: Donatella Bollani (Architect and editor expert in environmental issues)

Coffee break

Panel: Gender and the urban project
Laura Galluzzo (Politecnico di Milano)
Marco Granelli (Assessore alla Sicurezza, Comune di Milano)
Giorgia Ziliani (Associazione DARE)
moderator: Donatella Bollani (Architect and editor expert in environmental issues)

Keynote Speech: Gender mainstreaming at Umeå, Sweden
Linda Gustafsson (Gender Equality Officer, Città di Umeå)

di Rawad Choubassi (Transform Transport)




The scientific research project “STEP UP – Walkability for Women in Milan” (Grant No. 2022-1643) was carried out with partners Fondazione Transform Transport ETS (Milan), Sex & the City APS (Milan)theme Lab – University of Naples Federico II and Fondazione Walk21 (United Kingdom), with funding from Fondazione Cariplo.

  • Doors opening at H3:45PM
  • Free entry with registration on Eventbrite


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