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Would you like to be surprised?

Samara Editions – performances by post invites artists to create new performances that can be sent to the audience by post. When buying a ticket to Samara, you receive a box that contains everything to experience a premiere in the intimacy of your private space. You are both the performer and the audience of this show. Take your time, explore the contents. There is no rush and no “right way” to do this.

For Samara Editions Kate designs a box containing a subtle collection of sensory stimulants that are designed to open and rearrange perception of everyday events.
The proposal unfolds in three parts: an olfactory exploration that can create confusion about what species we are, realized with parfum artist Nathan Taare, a ritual that turns your heart in a disco ball, and a pocket card sensory game to create unexpected interactions among unknown hands, illustrated by
Maria Giulia Chistolini, aka Accappatoio. The kit is very simple, can be carried with us, practices can be activated on our own or in a shared experience. An invitation to let us be surprised by the materiality and performativity of our (and others) bodies, to listen, explore and play with our senses.



After commissioning works to Chiara Bersani, Tamara Cubas and Jenna Sutela, co-produced and presented by/at Spielart festival in Munich, Black Box Theatre in Oslo, Kampnagel in Hamburg, Spring Festival in Utrecht among others, Samara commissions a new creation by Kate McIntosh.

Kate McIntosh creates work in a variety of different media, such as performance, theater, video and installation. Both humor and the link with science and experimentation are elements that frequently pop up in Kate’s work. Her practice is guided by her ongoing fascination with misusing objects, and creating playful relations between spectators.

    *You will collect the box in the ticket office hours shown in this event page

So... is this getting serious?

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