Katerina Andreou Rave To Lament

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Are you coming to a rave?

An explosive, impulsive and percussive movement in which the artist duets with a tuned machine. In autumn 2020, Katerina Andreou met Voltnoj Berge, a man who lived through the transformation of the (sub)urban music scene in Athens from 1989 onwards. This scene was later influenced by the rave culture of the US and England and driven by house and techno music. Too young to participate in the excitement of these spontaneous encounters, Andreou decided to immerse himself in the stories, books and music shared by Berge. At the same time, he conducted his own research into this mainly acoustic movement. Myths and rumours immediately took hold of the reality of this underground scene, which, according to the choreographer, deserves to be approached more physically than mentally.

Filled with nostalgia for an era she did not live through, Andreou has created Rave to Lament: a fleeting, unique and impulsive movement that, rather than looking to the past, seeks to be part of the present. 


Born in Athens, Katerina Andreou is based in France. A graduate of the Athens Law School and the Athens National School of Dance, she followed the ESSAIS program at the CNDC of Angers and holds a Master’s degree in choreographic research (Paris 8). As a performer she has collaborated with DD Dorvillier, Anne Lise Le Gac, Lenio Kaklea, Bryan Campbell, Dinis Machado, Emmanuelle Huynh, Ana Rita Teodoro. In her own work she develops a physical practice specific to each project and seeks states of presence that result from a constant negotiation between contrasting or even contradictory tasks, fictions or universes, often questioning notions of authority and censorship. She creates herself the sound environment of her performances which becomes her main dramaturgical tool. She received the Jardin d’Europe prize at the ImpulsTanz festival in 2016 for her solo A kind of fierce. She then created the solo BSTRD (2018), the duo Zeppelin Bend (2021) with Natali Mandila, the performance Rave to Lament (2021), and most recently the solo Mourn Baby Mourn (2022). She is an associate artist at the National Choreographic Center of Caen in Normandy for 2022-2024 and in the Master Program EXERCE in CCN de Montpellier


Conception, performance: Katerina Andreou
Sound tracks: Katerina Andreou, in collaboration with Cristian Sotomayor, based on original sounds by DJ Sisso, Jacob Garet, Ayya.
Design, performance: Katerina Andreou
Comic strip: Katerina Andreou, created in collaboration with Cristian Sotomayor, based on the original sounds of DJ Sisso, Jacob Garet, Ayya.

Research aid: Voltnoi Brege Acknowledgements: Jérémy Perrin, Frédéric Pouillaude

Bookings: Elodie Perrin

Production: BARK

Residencies: Les SUBS – living place of artistic experiences Lyon, GRRRND ZERO Lyon, CND – Centre national de la danse Paris / thanks: Luca Zoppi

  • Durata 30'
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