Soukaina Abrour Mra7ba (mrhba)*


A speculative fabulation put into shape.

Mra7ba (mrhba)* is a work set in a post-human and decadent scenery, which takes its inspiration from Al-Halqa, a traditional narrative art original from the arabic world: a theatrical device in the streets and squares in which the actor is in the middle of a circle and takes actions in favor of the public, generating a vital energy which expands circularly.
Soukaina Abrour starts from here to hyphotesize the end: the public, traveler of time, is welcomed in the first place with a fun, chaotic, colored, shape-shifting video spot, which explains what to expect from the performative act of Halqa, of the circle, and charges people with expectations. The second moment is the one of absence, the act of performance and of desires, dreams, and the imagination that remains.


Born in Morocco, raised in Italy. Soukaina Abrour concludes the first cycle of studies at Accademia di Belle Arti di Venezia in 2022. Lives and works in Milan with the hope of leaving as soon as possible. Investigates questions about identity construction, loss of sense and incommunicability, their relation with the different transformations of self and the relation between these collectivities. Her practice is transdisciplinary based on desired and urges, going from videomaking to sculpture to being a waitress.


Project realized thanks to the fellowship Agitu Ideo Gudeta
Promoted by Centrale Fies, Black History Month Florence and Razzismo Brutta Storia
Graphic collaboration with Tareq Tamimi

  • Durata 20'
  • Apertura porte '15 before the start
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