Fabrizio Saiu Métron Extended


How does a sound move?

The concert develops as a training session between sound action and art du déplacement. A speech synthesis algorithm (Karen) talks with a human voice and intervenes on the modulation of the gesture of the performer through a sequence of orders and aforisms, articulating a dialogue that can be either surreal, prescriptive, oracular or kind of philosophical. If Karen intervenes on the performer, Alice makes the public reflect on the psychophysical effects of the sound and encourages it to actively participate to a perceptive exercise that interwines vision, listening and memory


Fabrizio Saiu is a mover, performer and a percussionist. He is active in the world of sperimental music and performance. He focuses his research on organized actions that hybridize corporal movement practices such as l’art du déplacement and free running, with procedures of active production and fruition of sound and the interaction with the enviroment through the employment of analogical and electronic technologies. 


Idea, direction, music and performance: Fabrizio Saiu

Sound engineering: Michele Marelli

Light desing: Stefano Mazzanti

Voices: Alice Valenti, Karen (vocal synthesis)

Text: Fabrizio Saiu, Guy Debord, J-F Augoyard and Henry Torgue

Plates: UFIP

Headphones: Silent System

Production: Fabrizio Saiu

Artistic Residence for the creation of Métron Extendes: PTL, Tempo Reale and Teatro Grande (Brescia)

Photos: Davide Piferi de Simoni / Periferico 2022

  • Durata 60'
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