CORPS CITOYEN Il Corpo Politico


What do the body and politics have in common?

Il Corpo Politico is the main subject of our performative project “Gli Altri”. The work tries to question the narrative power of self representation and representation of the other. On the other side the political nature of bodies in their own presence and positioning inside of the representation, through the lens of irony and the oscillation between documented reality and declared fiction. 

“Can the subaltern speak?” Asked himself Gaiatri Spivak in a famous speech about marxism and the interpretation of culture in 1988.
Defining who has the right to speak in the public sphere is a central theme today in the redefinition of power roles which characterizes the relationship with subjects that are considered minor.
The occidental narration has a precise agency of power, which defines The Other starting from its own cathegories: for this reason, defining who talks and the authorial space occupied are central themes of a performative practice that wants to be contemporary and political.  

Il Corpo Politico originates as an open laboratory where, through some dispositives of the performance – such as re-enactement, documentary work, practices about presence, fictionalization and bio-fiction – it’s possible to value the political nature of each body and its power through the representation par excellence, the scenic fiction, which helps to create and renforce the narration of the present, but that can also mean a sovversive place to sabotage the big narrations through the insertion of another body, a presence that exposes itself to the public with the same fragility and power.  

For this edition of FAROUT Festival, Il Corpo Politico transforms into a performative interactive event, where the experimentation of techniques and performative devices leaves space to an experience in which the public is protagonist of a play centred around bodies, their presence and representation.


Corps Citoyen is a multidisciplinary artistic collective based between Tunisi and Milan.
The practice of the collective is composed by different disciplinary devices (dance, theatre, poetry, video, animation, writing and anthropological research) to create new contemporary narrations.
The objective of the group is to reinforce the values of citizenship through the artistic practice, training, research and active participation to civil society in order to promote a political and social change.
The main goal of the group is to activate the social reflection through the expressive potential of art and of the body, which is territory of political battle and space for a creative resistence.
From the experience of Corps Citoyen rises in Milan in 2020 the participated decolonial art centre Milano Mediterranea.



produced by BASE Milano

  • Durata 60'
  • Apertura porte 15' before the start
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