Elisa Zuppini Himalaya + M.E.S.H Live


A performance in which movement and sound cross space and time, geological realities and technology.  

In “Himalaya”, the coreographer Elisa Zuppini brings her research on the material and affective dimensions of the body and on the comprehension of reality, meant as an intricate interlacement of relational systems.
This time it takes inspiration from contrasting elements: the slow period of geological eras, the repetition of mechanical bodies and the dynamic fragmantations of the digital sphere.  

Himalaya explores the collision between these systems, as if they were tectonics in movement which collide but don’t get stuck into each other. This can be seen as a metaphor of how these systems can operate on our perception: disconnected, forced and destabilizing.
In outlining these collisions, Zuppini gives life to new space-time perceptions and at the same time invites the spectator into a not linear dramaturgial construction where time and space bend and overlap.


Elisa Zuppini (IT/NL), born in 1990, is a choreographer and dancer, graduated at SNDO – School for New Dance Development in Amsterdam. Her choreographic research articulates around notions about the relational movement, materiality, in relation to the body and it affective dimentions. She considers dramaturgical constructions ad trasformative technologies through which it’s possible to access to new, or lost, perceptions of reality. 

She has won the Young Talent in Choreography di Open FLR Price and obtained a scholarship for the residence program dansWEB in Vienna with Impulstanz. From 2019 she is a member of Jacuzzi, a convergenze of choreographer based in Amsterdam. 


Produced and supported by AFK Amsterdam Fonds voor de Kunst, ICK Dans Amsterdam, CC Heidelberg

  • Durata 120'
  • Doors opening at 15' prima dell'inizio dello spettacolo
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