ZimmerFrei / Anna de Manincor, Massimo Carozzi e Maria Caterina Frani, Davide Pepe, Fabio Sajiz DE LOS MUERTOS a Milano

A circular white wall with a hole in it

"A girl wears the shoes of her deceased best friend to keep her walking in the world."

“A girl wears her deceased best friend’s shoes, so that she continues to live on and walk in the world”.

There are gestures, objects, memories that connect the world of the living to the one of the dead. Taking inspiration from the collaborative cohabitation between the living and the dead that existed in the Latin cult of the Lares – which still exists in Oaxaca in Mexico and in Naples – Zimmerfrei’s work combines documented research and live presence, bringing on stage some actions that unite living people to those who disappeared and that are still active in the present.
DE LOS MUERTOS adopts Belgian philosophers’ Vinciane Despret’s ideas on the fact that those who die do not go away: instead of driving them away we should adopt them. 

“Every year a woman smokes a cigarette in the day of the anniversary of the death of her mother. We could say that it is the mother who smokes a Merit through her, non-smoker.”

The performance by ZimmerFrei was conceived thanks to the collaboration of different artists: visual artist Lia Bo Fisher, the performer Maria Caterina Frani, the video artist Davide Pepe, the light designer Fabio Sajiz, the musician Massimo Carozzi and the director Anna de Manincor.


ZimmerFrei is an artistic duo founded in Bologna, active since 2000, formed by Anna de Manincor, both artist and filmmaker, and Massimo Carozzi, sound designer and musician. They collaborate with various other artists, such as the artist and performer Maria Caterina Frani and the director Agnese Cornelio. ZimmerFrei intertwines the languages of the visual arts, performance and cinema to explore the boundaries between the public and private spheres. ZimmerFrei continues experimenting with new technologies applied to ancient and modern devices. In the last ten years ZF has produced and presented its works internationally, through European residencies and projects such as multimedia installations, sound projects, immersive environment creation, documentary films, participatory performances and projects in the public space. 


Direction of Anna de Manincor | ZimmerFrei
In collaboration with Maria Caterina Frani
Sound of Davide Pepe and Massimo Carozzi | ZimmerFrei
Lights by Fabio Sajiz
Video works of Davide Pepe
Sculpture by Lia Bo Fisher
Objects by Nina Fisher, Malcolm Fisher, Valeria Verdolini, Tullia Pace, Simonetta Rovaldi, Antonio Rovaldi, Damon Arabsolgar, Ginevra Battaglia, Moira Ricci, Rodrigo Pardo, Flavia Bottanelli, Renata Scattolin
Production ZimmerFrei
With the help of Comune di Bologna, BASE Milano
Research residence at MAD Le Murate – Firenze

  • Durata 45'
  • Doors opening at 15' before the start of the performance
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