When was the last time you were brave?

“Courage” turned out to be a very performative word. We fall into the trap of thinking that being brave is a quality, something you have or don’t have (like height or hair color).

Etymology gives us another interpretation of this concept. Coràggio s. m. dal provenz. coratge, which is the lat. *coratǒcum, cor derives «heart». Being brave is a practice. Something that we must put into practice every day, putting our hearts into it.

Cŏr is a series of events where three speakers from the world of business, culture, science, sport will share how to live a courageous, heartily life.


The protagonists of this edition are:

Maria Beatrice Alonzi, scientific divulger and writer

Gabriele Fontana, Regional Health Adviser di UNICEF

Chiara Montanari, Italian engineer, first Italian woman to lead an international expedition to Antarctica.


Cŏr is an event by Diagonal

So... is this getting serious?

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