The Convivial Laboratory CASE #1 / WORLD W/ Pelin Tan


The camp is a vulnerable space. It is constituted by its thresholds and the exchanges that take place across it. It is a space of small economic initiatives and heterogenous commoning practices that subvert established concepts of heritage, urban, neighborhood and citizenship.

Do not miss the first appointment of CASE with the keynote lecture by Pelin Tan, Turkish researcher and activist who has been studying for years studying infrastructure of temporary cohabitation (for example refugee camps or shelters for communities affected by earthquakes). Can these infrastructures also become a virtuous example for city communities?

CASE is the title of the Public Program focused on the themes of co-existence and co-habitation, at BASE Milano from January to March 2024. Three appointments, three fanzines, international guests, unpublished contributions, installations that create opportunities for critical discussion and dialogue. A conversation curated by Erica Petrillo, curator-in-residency at BASE, who gives voice to We Will Design and who will accompany us until Design Week 2024.




Pelin Tan is the 6th recipient of Keith Haring of Art&Activism (2019). She is a Turkish art historian and sociologist, currently professor at the Faculty of Fine Arts, University of Batman based in Mardin/Turkey. Senior research fellow of the Center for Arts, Design and Social Research, Boston/USA. For more than two decades, she has focused on urban&territorial conflict, commons, labor conditions, alternative pedagogies, and methodologies in art&architecture A Lead author of the Urban Society report by ipsp (Cambridge Univ.Press 2018). She contributed to several publications such as Climates: Architecture and The Planetary Imaginary (Columbia Univ., 2017), Refugee Heritage (2021), Radical Pedagogies (MIT Press, 2022), Designing Modernity The Arab Architecture (Jovis, 2021), From Public to Commons (Routledge, 2023). She curated Gardentopia/Matera ECC 2019, co-curator of Urgent Pedagogies (IASPIS). Tan was a Postdoc at MIT (2011), a fellow of The Japan Foundation (2012) and Hong Kong Design Trust (2016), DAAD (2006-2007), and others. She co-directed several short films with artist Anton Vidokle and got the Sharjah Film prize (2020) for their last film: “Gılgamesh: She, Who Saw the Deep” (2022). Her current short documentaryLandscapes as Archives” about the production of architecture of Palestine is in show at Qattan Foundation, Ramallah (2023). Tan is an editor of i press established by architect Mary Otis Stevens based in Cambridge supported by the Graham Foundation (2023).




So... is this getting serious?

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