What will Vinokilo bring you under the tree this year?

On 16 and 17 December at BASE Milano back for the second year Christmas Vinokilo! The last edition was a success and ended with the donation to Progetto Arca of warm garments and blankets for cold emergency.

This year Vinokilo has a Christmas in store that can not be more Christmas: everything you normally find in Vinokilo events and all the great classics of Holidays, including gifts! No spoilers, but get ready for 48 hours that will make you go back to being a child among riffs, bingo, surprise peaches and a great night of karaoke!


Vinokilo is a festival of sustainable fashion and circularity, which transforms every city into a space that exudes vintage vibes, where you can buy vintage fashion and second hand per kg. Vinokilo is not just an event dedicated to shopping, is a real experience that combines the passion for fashion with that for music, entertaining visitors with educational workshops and social initiatives, all centered around the culture of reuse. Vinokilo is an ecological and social initiative, whose objective is to raise public awareness on the issues of sustainability and circularity, responding to the needs and expectations of contemporary society.


Foto di Matilde Righi

So... is this getting serious?

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