Fedra Morini & Sebastiano Lorenza Pala in residency at BASE

by BASE Milano

It would be greater to have you by my side.

Encore+plus+beau is a listening, a perceiving of matter, a penetrating into folds, interstices and empty spaces. A relating to lack, an opening up to the possibility of encounter.

I see you I feel you I touch you I smell you. How one knows through the skin. How you touch through your gaze. It would be even more beautiful if I had you beside me.

The performance stems from a shared translation of the text of Dans Ma Chambre by Guillame Dustan, which was gradually enriched with original pieces by the artist. From here, the private space of the room is inverted into a public performance space: an encounter between two bodies and their clothes.

Encore+plus+beau closes the review Gli Spazi Del Piacere realised with the support of MiC and SIAE within the programme ‘Per Chi Crea’ and will be presented on June 11th during ESTATE di BASE: Sconfinata.


Fedra Morini is an activist, performer and author. She studied Ancient Literature at the University of Lausanne and the University of Milan and Performing Arts at IUAV – Venice. She attended Da.Re, a training project led by Adriana Borriello. Lives and works between Milan and Rome. She is interested in intimacy, gender and the being of bodies in relationships full of affection. She works with Silvia Calderoni and Ilenia Caleo, (KISS, The Present Is Not Enough).

Sebastiano Lorenza Pala is a performer, curator and artist. He plays and activates various activities on the Italian independent scene with his passions. She works with her own body and with sound and video materials as further bodies in transformation, exchanging flows of images and sounds with affects and moods. From his selections of tracks from the most disparate origins emerge highly heartfelt listening sessions to give to temporary communities gathered in front of a sound. Fast industrial rhythms mixed with gentle hip-moving sounds serve to heat up the dancefloor to boiling point. Among other things, together with Sara Leghissa she curates the programming of Sauna x Never Dry, a winter project of the practice-sharing platform Nobody’s Indiscipline.

Encore+Plus+Beau is part of “Gli Spazi Del Piacere“, the review dedicated to under35 artists resident in Italy, which focuses on the body and practices related to dance and movement in a reflection on the dimensions of pleasure that, proposing formats that blur semantic boundaries, transfers liquidly between different languages.

Encore+Plus+Beau is a project supported by the Ministry of Culture and SIAE – Società Italiana degli Autori ed Editori (Italian Society of Authors and Publishers), and SIAE as part of the ‘Per Chi Crea’ programme.

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