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Tour de Force

Louis De Belle + Giacomo Traldi

15’ HD video


Tour De Force is a film about buses. Shot in Rome, Venice, and Milan, Tour De Force offers an unusual perspective on a widespread phenomenon: tourism on wheels. Engines, tyres, livery, drivers, and weary passengers are the main characters in a visual tale that calls into question the city experience connected to modern mass tourism. The fixed tourist bus itineraries and open-top city-sightseeing tours that can now be found in over a hundred city centres worldwide are totally cut off from the communities that flourish in the side streets, sticking instead to a branded, icon-strewn landscape, perfect as a selfie backdrop to be geo-tagged on social media. As the city itself tends to redesign and reconfigure itself to line up with its touristic image, passengers’ smartphones capture shots of cities already reduced to postcard images, just like those that appear on the buses themselves.

Milan Design Week 2018
17—22 April
BASE Milano