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Giga Design Studio + Superinternet + Karol Sudolski

Giga Design Studio, Superinternet and Karol Sudolski created a fake event for the presentation of a non-existent new brand (Samoan) at the Milano Design Week. The scheduled date coincides with the opening of Trouble Making . Once in the designated place, the participants are redirected to BASE and invited to visit the exhibition and join the opening party. The contribution demonstrates how it is possible to move thousands of people throughout the city in a short time, on the basis of implausible information and contents, just acting behind a computer screen. BAM BAM reports all the tricks and tips to succeed in the Milanese “eventification” within the Salone and the possibilities provided by the promotion on social networks and by services as Bcube, archie, socialads, compramipiace. After creating a web page and several social media profiles, the authors carried out a campaign that relied entirely on graphic appeal, influencers, and interaction from the users. The company does not exist, and the products are never even mentioned.

Milan Design Week 2018
17—22 April
BASE Milano