City Making
Trouble Making
Who's making the city?


Delfino Sisto Legnani + Alessandra Chiarelli + Davide Coppo

Roomba IRobot is an automatic vacuum cleaner that works by saving your home layout to the cloud. Google Assistant replies to your questions, offers suggestions for activities in your area, reminds you of deadlines and appointments, and has access to all your digital archives. Its microphones are always on: the software is able to learn and adapt, recording the questions and habits of its “master”. Surveillance robots with wi-fi cameras patrol our property as we monitor them from a distance on tablets or smartphones. Amazon dash buttons the size of a USB stick allow us to order a set quantity of a product at any moment: purchases are carried out simply by pressing a button. Amazon Key is a smart lock which can be opened by means of a temporary password, generated by the app, which allows orders to be delivered to your home while you are out. Deliveries can be monitored remotely by the client thanks to a cloud cam. Amazon owns the servers storing video data and the combinations. The same system could easily be extended to include other services such as cleaning, baby and dog-sitting, and renting out rooms or even whole properties. You can now literally leave your house keys with Amazon. The platform is breaking down the final barrier in trade: the home threshold, the membrane between the household and the market place, between a private space and a commercial one. Devices belonging to the Internet of Things and domotica carry out an “inside job”: apparently friendly and “smart”, they smuggle out information about private habits and spaces. Delfino Sisto Legnani’s photographs capture these devices surrounded by typically domestic furnishings (glass, curtains, tiles) to conjure up a surreal metaphysical setting.

Texts: Davide Coppo
Set design: Alessandra Chiarelli

Milan Design Week 2018
17—22 April
BASE Milano