City Making
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Who's making the city?


Calibro + Donato Ricci + òbelo

More and more cities are explored and occupied by the extension of filter bubbles and echo chambers we loop through place-specific imagined values and parameters; snapshots of somebody-else-life curated on Instagram; clipping of Kinfolk-ish pages; blog articles featuring in their title cardinal numbers; stars and reviews on Yelp-like app. Platforms, algorithms and interfaces align these elements in a regime where design drives taste; taste drives consumption; consumption domesticates cities.

Full part of this situation is the phenomenon of the AirSpace. While the AirSpace issue has been extensively explored addressing its consequences in terms of urban gentrification and socio-economic divide, its effects in terms of the emergence of an impersonal, collective still seductive and recognizable aesthetic atmosphere, has only being anecdotally described.

Cozy/Flat explores the aesthetic aspects of the AirSpace phenomenon in Milan. By adopting an evidentiary approach, it exposes all the elements that compose it. Cozy/Flat tries to reveal the AirBnb interface logic, the one that “focuses on pretty pics rather than searches”, along with its contents. The entire collection of listings has been extracted from the platform. The listing have been arranged into price segments. For each listing it has been retrieved which other similar ones are suggested by the AirBnb recommendation algorithm. For each listing the cover image has been analysed to extract the objects that are contained within it. Cozy/Flat tries to produce a clash between the search/browse logic of the platform with the sorting/cataloguing logic of the human beings. All the scraped and extracted pieces of information have been retrofitted from a single —AirBnb proprietary— database to a multiple —shared and physical— publishing process.

Milan Design Week 2018
17—22 April
BASE Milano